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Cora Tip 0 System telescopic

The Cora Tip 0 System telescopic is a loading/unloading system particularly designed to transfer product between two machines or between machine and bin thus guaranteeing a solution of continuity between machine to feed and bin to empty while avoiding direct contact between operator and product. The Cora Tip 0 System telescopic allows the operator to interface the machine to be served by the container and load it while also preventing the emission of the product in the production department. This happens thanks to the telescopic movement that allows the lifting and lowering of the system. This system was designed for loading and unloading of rotary dryers and bin filling.

Coras Tip 0 System telescopic is used in the discharging of the product from containers inside a dryer, avoiding contamination of the external environment. The operator via the STERI LIFT® raises, shifts and connects the container to the discharge pipe, the operator positions the dryer in the loading position and then connects the TELESCOPIC TIP “0” SYSTEM to the dryer
女贝sp社区女贝sp社区,欧美×Xx群欧美×Xx群 where the MAGNETIC SOLE VALVE is installed. Once the unloading is ended the Telescopic TIP “0” SYSTEM is disconnected and is ready to make a new discharge operation.


  • C.I.P.
  • C.I.P. drying system
  • Powder suction system
Besides designing and manufacturing the TIP SYSTEM ® CO.RA. ® designs a wide range of accessories for the machine as well:女贝sp社区女贝sp社区,欧美×Xx群欧美×Xx群
  • Hoppers
  • Intercepting valves
  • Roller conveyors for the handling of the container inside the TIP SYSTEM ® loading area
  • Bridge-breaker system ORIONE
  • Trolley for drum handling
  • In addition CO.RA. ® may advise the customer of the choice of the following additional components such as the Bin, containers and bicones where our valves are
    interfaced or load cell to detect the weight to be downloaded or already downloaded.

Contact our Valve Specialist Team:

Brendan Merrigan (External) – mob: 087 2598124                           

Internal Team

Vicki McGrath – tel: 021 461 7207

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Tim Quigley – tel: 021 461 7209

Conor Foley – tel: 021 461 7206

女贝sp社区女贝sp社区,欧美×Xx群欧美×Xx群 女贝sp社区女贝sp社区,欧美×Xx群欧美×Xx群

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